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New site with Hugo and Netlify Continuous Integration
Oct 8, 2017

This site is built using Netlify static hosting with continuous integration powered by NodeJS and Hugo. Most content (blogs, pages) live in markdown files that are easily edited through Netlify CMS.

I chose this stack with page load speed in mind looking at the newest JamStack best practices. Netlify is completely free. The only thing I pay for is the domain. Every time I upload a change to GitHub, or the CMS does, Netlify works on a build that is done within a few minutes and could be even faster with some tweaking.

I’m using FastHub to edit my posts on Android with SwiftKey as my keyboard resized to the smallest setting so it doesn’t cover the code editor. Probably wouldn’t be a problem on a larger phone like the Pixel 2 XL I’m getting soon.

You can check out the source of my site at GitHub and deploy your own Netlify powered site with the click of a button.

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